Videos from Wireless Health 2014

Check out these videos from last week's two-day Wireless Health 2014 conference, hosted by the National Institutes of Health.

The first, features MD2K Director Dr. Santosh Kumar as part of a panel on "Big Data: Opportunities and Implications for Wireless Health." Also on the panel were Richard Bakalar of KPMG, and Noshir Contractor of Northwestern University. Bharat Rao of KPMG moderated.

Following the panel, Dr. Bonnie Spring of Northwestern University, who leads the MD2K Research Thrust on smoking cessation, delivered the final keynote address.

In this video, Dr. Emre Ertin of Ohio State University, who is Sensor Platform Technologist for the MD2K Center, participated in a panel discussion on "Innovation Needed: Limits of Sensing, Actuation and System Integration." The panel was moderated by Dr. John Stankovic of the University of Virginia, and also featured Dr. Andrew Campbell of Dartmouth College.

The videos are of the entire day's proceedings, but have been cued up at the portions featuring researchers affiliated with MD2K.




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